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About me

Hi! Thank you for investing some time to know me better. Well, I am simply passionate about digital entrepreneurship 💙 and a lifelong learner! I intend to contribute actively to the fascinating world of online commerce and revolutionize its standards every day! What I love about the online world is that it is continuously changing. You must never stop reading and learning new practices, and that's something that fascinates me. 


I am from the beautiful city of Kastoria and currently, I live in Thessaloniki, Greece. However, I collaborate with clients all around the world. Besides working, I also love marketing events, sailing, traveling, dancing, and hanging out with friends. 

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When I started practicing digital marketing, I thought that every brand has a story to tell. A story that can be a fairy tale with the right resources and lead the company to grow. Thus the name of my company:


Growthtale = Growth + Tale

Early in my career life, I have worked as an IT Recruitment Consultant and Digital Project Manager in an advertising agency. Before launching my own business, I was part of the dynamic marketing team of an innovative company with a global presence in cloud distribution software. My passion for digital marketing has led me to develop digital marketing strategies for businesses in a variety of industries, including fashion, tourism, and technology.

2017 - PRESENT

Founder & CDO

As a digital marketing freelancer, I am mostly responsible for creating and implementing digital strategies on behalf of my clients. I usually collaborate at a strategic level but at the same time, I love working hands-on!

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